About Us

Europa Service Polska is a car rental company with the most modern car fleet in Poland.

To meet the needs of our customers we have 470 vehicles of different segments such as small cars, compact cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and delivery vehicles. All of our cars have a very rich equipment and full insurance package. Our fleet consists of new cars and those, whose age doesn’t exceed 12 months. We don’t have hidden charges. Each customer before signing the contract is presented with an offer that will be valid throughout the contract period.

Every customer values ​​safety and elegance. That is why each of our cars undergoes regular technical examinations and maintenance treatments. During winter season we change tires in all cars. Europa Service Polska means full security for every customer. The overall European fleet of Europa Service consist of over 18,000 cars.



When and why can you take an advantage of short-term rental:

  • when we are injured in an accident or traffic collision (OC perpetrator)
  • when we travel
  • when we need a replacement car
  • when we need a pre-contract car
  • when our car is in body or mechanical repair
  • when we plan to expand our fleet of vehicles
  • when we start a new business
  • when we employ more staff periodically


For whom is short-term car rental for?

Short-term rentals is a good solution for both individual and institutional clients as well as businesses. Short-term car rental covers all segments, so we rent both small cars, urban, compact, luxury, SUV and delivery vehicles. Each car is equipped with a full insurance package.


Abroad trips

In consideration of your safety and comfort when using the rented or leased Vehicle, we kindly remind you of the obligation to apply for each and every trip abroad.

EU countries – we accept applications by email, telephone or SMS to your Caretaker.

It is possible to travel to listed countries after Hirer’s/ Lessor’s permission in writing and / or buys the relevant insurance: Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries of continental Europe.